To all prospective students of 2020

About preparing your PC

1.Preparing your own pc

You might have to install software to use in class, so please prepare a PC to use during your student life. In case you don’t have a PC right now, your purchase won’t arrive on time or for any reason you are currently unable to prepare a PC, please go through the following process at home as soon as your PC becomes available. (The materials pertaining the PC setup will be made public at the end of April.)

2.Initial setup

If you buy a new PC, please do the initial set up and account creation beforehand so it’s in a useable state when you arrive.

3.Connecting to the internet

Please connect your PC to the internet.
You will have a lot of traffic so please avoid measured rate circuits (connections where you pay for the amount used instead of a set fee for unlimited use).
For information about setting up an internet connection in your residence, please consult with the internet provider you are contracted with.

4.Validating your university account (SSO-KID)

Please validate your Kyushu University SSO-KID.
How to validate your SSO-KID(Japanese only)

5.Setting up your PC at home

Please look at the short course for new students “procedure for setting up your PC at home(Japanese only)” and start the setup.

About the PC setup

The PC setup is a necessary process.
We have prepared manuals and guides so you can do everything at home.
Please look at the short course for new students “procedure for setting up your PC at home(Japanese only)” and start the setup.

Required time

WindowsOS : 1-2 hours
MacOS : 1 hours


・Explanation and validation of the account needed to access the information system (SSO-KID)
・Log in to the e-learning system (Moodle)
・Download the wireless LAN user manual
・Download the university e-mail user manual
・Download the student portal guide and validate Windows Defender (for Windows only)
・Install Office 365 ProPlus

※This school year, security software [Virus Buster Corporate Edition (Windows)/Trend Micro Security (Mac)] is not installed.
Those who wish can install it individually on a dedicated webpage from April 2nd onward. (SSO-KID authentication is required)

About pre-admission learning

Kyushu University encourages new students to use the online learning system (Moodle) for pre-enrolment learning. Courses at Kyushu University are given with the assumption that students understand the following information. Please access the following contents:
Understanding Office
Information ethics
How to use the university library

Contact Information

Before contacting us…

We have collected the most frequently asked questions.
Before contacting us with a question, please refer to the FAQ.

If you still have questions about the PC setup, please contact the following address.

Kyushu University information centre – education information service desk
Enquiry form
E-mail: uketsuke [at]

※change the [at] into a half-width character @ and send
Office hours: weekdays:8:30~12:00/13:00~17:15
※Enquiries made outside of office hours or on holidays (Sat/Sun/National holiday) will be answered the following day or the day after the holiday period ends. Also, depending on the content of the enquiry the answer could be sent the day after.