Guidance Page for new graduate students in 2024


Our university has been promoting BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) since 2013 school year. Students are expected to bring their own laptop PCs and use university primary e-mail, applications, and services necessary for classes/courses with Kyushu University wireless LAN, also Microsoft Office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. Here we provide the important information and links for activating SSO-KID (User Account), and setting up university Wi-Fi, e-mail, Office software to your laptop PC.

Activation of SSO-KID

You have to use your own account called “SSO-KID” and its password for Kyushu University Information Services. Before setting up Kyushu University wireless LAN, e-mail, Office software, and applications, you are expected to activate your own SSO-KID account by yourself.

  • If you entered graduate school directly after you graduated from Kyushu University, you can use the same SSO-KID and password that you used in undergraduate school, and do not have to activate SSO-KID.

Note that SSO-KID and its password should be used strictly only by the authentic owner. Please pay serious attention to keep your own SSO-KID and password confidential against others.

Activation of your SSO-KID(English)

For other information on SSO-KID, see Kyushu University SSO portal.

How to connect to Kyushu University wireless LAN edunet, kitenet

For setting up Kyushu University wireless LAN, see the following link. (Authentication by SSO-KID is required)

Software available without charge in Kyushu University

Microsoft Office software

Microsoft office software such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. that you can use for education and research without charge. For the details of utilization of these software products.

Antivirus and Security software

You can use antivirus software for safety on the internet.

Other Services

The followings are additional information related to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services.

Kyushu University Primary Mail Service

Student Portal System for classes and courses

e-Learning System (Moodle)

問い合わせ先 / Inquiry

Feel free to contact and ask any questions by email to the following:

Working Group for Teaching and Learning ICT Environment Support

E-mail: uketsuke [at]

※Please replace [at] with @

Service time :
Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday :  Out of Service
※You can receive the response to your inquiry asked during Saturday, Sunday, and holiday on next weekday.